Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm Amazed

Sometimes God just amazes me with how everything works together.

My fiancé and I spent Sunday afternoon with our pastor. Three hours with the pastor and his wife flew by. And we got more things in place.

Then today, my fiancé texted me while I was still at work. He had had some issues with his phone company, so he canceled the line. The company asked him to pay the early termination fees, which was only right. But today, he received a letter that told him he only had to pay a small amount, and the phone company would pay the termination fee. All because I had complained to the FCC 2 months ago!

Then, a little while ago I checked my finances, and found more money in my account than I had anticipated. Now, normally I keep a close eye on my bank accounts so I was immediately amazed. I took a closer look and realized money from my tax return-that I filed less than a week ago.

God is certainly blessing us! And may we share His goodness!