Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"Hello, Its Me"

It's now 2016. Life has gone on. Life has been happening day after day. New year resolutions have been made by people. Bets have been placed. But I will never make new year resolutions. Only goals I'd like to accomplish.

Years ago, I was told that I would go places in life with my fire for God. These days, I'm not so sure. That fire has dimmed due to my not keeping it stoked. It has gone out because I became distracted by the fires of the world, and not the fires of God. Now there is a flicker, a spark. I know that can grow into a fire again, one that can attract others fro God once again. And instead of letting it go out again, I want to keep feeding it.

My goal for this year is to get myself into shape spiritually, and physically. Both will take work. Both will take persistence. Both will take accountability.

I want to be counted among those that Jesus recognizes, not those that are unrecognizable. I want church to become something to me besides just a place to socialize and find peace one day a week. I want to God's grace to be evident in me. I want people to ask what's different about me, only for me to answer that God is changing me slowly. I want to know where I stand in God's eyes.

So this year, on this day, I pledge to start getting myself into shape. Spiritually. Physically. I need accountability. Someone who will check in on me every now and then. Changing my way of thinking. My way of doing. And becoming more like God, in my thoughts and my ways, in what I say, in how I say it.  And maybe this blog will once again become a place to communicate my thoughts. Perhaps it will be what keeps me accountable. If I pledge to one a week, carve out time to write what I've learned in that week. And maybe no one will read it. Maybe only one person will read it. But if only one person reads it, may it lead them to God....

I need to carve out time daily to be in God's word. To be in prayer, to have quiet time. To spend one on one time with my Father. And starting today, I will do that. Starting my day with God is what used to give me peace. And I desperately need that peace again. I'm clinging to that today and every day.

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